Hunting Knives

Look for a stock removal or hand forged knife you like!

     Here are the hunting knives and "art" knives currently available from Tioga Knife Works.   These knives are made using the stock removal process unless otherwise noted.  The blade length is given in the description title.  The approximate blade width (W) and thickness (T) are measured at the widest point, typically at the ricasso.  

     The price listed includes the custom hand made leather sheath shown in the photo.  If you see anything you like or have any questions, feel free to contact me at .   I can tell you more about any knife, and send additional pictures.  If you are interested in purchasing a knife I can meet locally.  I also accept Pay Pal and can ship within the continental US.

22-7-2    7 1/2" Brute de Forge clip point   

Blade:  1084 carbon steel hand forged in the Brute de Forge style, 1.1" W  X  0.19" T with an estimated hardness of 60 HRC  

Handle:  curly oak finished with Tung oil,  with a brass finger guard, butt cap, and finial

OAL 12"  

Custom leather sheath  


22-10-1   4 3/4" drop point    

Blade:  80CrV2 alloy steel, 0.9" wide X 0.14" thick, estimated hardness of 60 HRC, with filework on the spine  

Handle:  bocote finished with Tung oil  

OAL 9"  

Custom leather sheath  


19-8-6   7" clip point   

Blade:  Hand forged 1084 carbon steel, HRC 59, 1.25" wide X 0.16" thick

Handle: Spalted curly maple with a Tung oil finish, and a brass finger guard, butt cap, and finial  

OAL 11"  

custom leather sheath  


21-3-2  4" drop point 

Blade:  O1 Tool Steel, HRC 60, 0.8" wide X 0.1" thick 

Handle: wenge with a Tung oil finish 

OAL 7 3/4" 

custom leather sheath


19-7-6  5" drop point hunter

Blade:  hand forged from 5160 spring steel, HRC 59, 1" wide X 0.085" thick with a filework thumb rest

Handle:  spalted curly maple with a tung oil finish, mosaic pins and a brass finger guard

OAL 9" 

Custom leather sheath 


19-6-3     4" clip point hunter

Blade:  hand forged from 1084 carbon steel, HRC 59, 0.8"W x 0.11"T

Handle:   purpleheart and walnut with a Tung oil finish and a brass finger guard, and mosaic pin

OAL 8 1/2"

custom leather sheath


19-6-8  4 3/4" drop point hunter

Blade:  hand forged from 1084 carbon steel, HRC 59, 1.1"W x 0.9"T

Handle: curly maple with a brass finger guard and a Tung oil finish

OAL 9"

custom leather sheath


19-2-1  4" drop point hunter

Blade:   1084 carbon steel, HRC 59, with an etched mountain scene, 1.13"W x 0.125"T

Handle: locust with a tung oil finish, filework on the tang, and mosaic pins

OAL 8"

custom leather sheath with matching mountain scene